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The Blackheads house – The Lübeck Hall

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Banquet halls
Square (m2)
120 m2
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Object description

When, in the 1990s, the Blackheads House was expanded by building a two-storey addition, its main facade overlooked Svaru Street. On the second floor of the addition, next to the Celebration hall, a conference room and a dining room were arranged. Upon restoration of the Blackheads House, these two premises were built into one. When getting ready for the new Hanseatic Days, which took place in June 2001 in Riga, these premises were renamed as Lubeck hall. There is a stove – fireplace in the Lubeck hall containing a tile with a dedication to eight hundred years of Riga. This and another stove in the historical offices of the Blackheads House have been built in brick, based on samples of 19th century.   
The Lubeck hall, which is used for press conferences and laying banquet tables, displays copies of two paintings that were destroyed in 1941:

1. Gustav II Adolf, King of Sweden, in the battle by Ingolstadt
2. Panorama of Lubeck

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