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The Blackheads house – The Celebration Hall

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Banquet halls
Square (m2)
330 m2
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Object description

The Celebration hall has been restored to how it looked in the pre-war photographs. The ceiling displays a copy of the painting of the 1900 ‘Apotheosis of Saint Maurice’, whereas the end wall contains the coat of arms of the Brotherhood of Blackheads.
In the Blackheads House, there was a valuable collection of paintings – a number of portraits of Swedish and Russian monarchs and other paintings. Many portraits had special frames that were excellent masterpieces of wood carving art. In 1941, the paintings were destroyed in a fire. Part of them in a form of copies can be seen also in the newly built Celebrations hall of the Blackheads House. In 2006, the portrait gallery was supplemented by portraits of the rulers who played an important role in the history of Riga – Stephen Bathory, King of Poland, and Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

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